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Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016

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Arelowo Alao created a new topic The Future of Maian Media and Support in the forum.
I am planning on changing the way I offer Maian Media not only to the Joomla community but others as well. Just for a quick background, this script was originally created by Maian Script World as a stand alone project. It was released under the Creative Commons license which is a lot different than the GNU that Maian Media is currently released under. I integrated it with Joomla out of necessity because I wanted to sell my music online. With the blessing of the original developer I decided to post it on Joomla Extensions.

When I first started this project I didn’t forsee how much work it would take to keep the component inline with Joomla. I have had to do three major rewrites of the software with each rewrite taking me about 3 to 6 months in my off time to complete. I only decided to sell a pro-version to offset hosting cost and maybe make a little money to reimburse the time it took to develop the software. Now Joomla is coming out with yet another version and I don’t see myself being able to put another 3 to 6 months to make sure it is compatible and fix any outstanding bugs.

Given the current situation I have decided to stop offering the download of the software on my website and corresponding Pro version. I would like to thank those that did help and contribute to the project in anyway. This decision was made after a lot of thought but I think that this is the best way forward.

I will create a project on GitHub and publish the current Pro version as it stands right now. Hopefully this will encourage people to contribute I feel that I have held it back by trying to follow the current “Joomla” model. Instead of spending time trying to make it compatible with Joomla 3.0 I will be working on WordPress and Google Integration. I will leave the compatibility up to the Joomla community which leads me to the topic of support.

Currently I admit that I have not been offering support for about 6 months now. Unfortunately it will probably continue this way. I will eventually release a video that will explain how to set up the store in Joomla which is what most of the post in the forum are about anyway. The forum will be a community forum ONLY. I won’t be able to give the best of both worlds (Free software and free support). When I come out with a major rewrites I will offer support initially but don’t expect me to answer every post that is made on the forum.

I know this will probably make some people upset but if this project is to carry on I can’t be the only developer, tester, documenter and support person. I have had a lot of idea’s for this project and hopefully with a little more help it will be a strong alternative to digital music distribution.

1371 days ago
I'm going to be updating the way the language files works so it will be easier to add your won text without editing the core file.
1453 days ago
Arelowo Alao replied to the topic Re: Continue Shopping goes nowhere in the forum.
I'm going to have to check it out and figure our where the issue it. I think it mighe be the the template.

BTW if you are making changes to the classic they will get overridden when you upgrade. You should rename your template folder and in the templateDetails.xml.

More Details here
1453 days ago
LOL your welcome
1453 days ago
I'm looking to add more social integration in the future. Joomla does have a lot of stuff that you can use already.
1453 days ago
Arelowo Alao replied to the topic Re: Maian Flags Question in the forum.
Yes it should. It stores the info in the session. I will have to take a look as somthing might of happened during the 2.5 upgrade.
1453 days ago
Arelowo Alao replied to the topic Re: RSS Feed in the forum.
The current feed only seems to work with IE. In chrome it breaks.
1453 days ago
Arelowo Alao replied to the topic Re: How update? in the forum.
If you haven't made any custom changes to the code of the core component you just install over the current component. No need to uninstall if there have been any table changes the component will just update the tables with the new columns.
1453 days ago
Arelowo Alao replied to the topic Re: Previews quick solve??? in the forum.
I think the song playing from within the File Manager got broken during the Upgrade. I'm going to have to fix it. The File Manager is another third party script that I integrated into the store.
1474 days ago
Arelowo Alao replied to the topic Re: Pagination issue in the forum.
It looks like you have some stuff in your template that is overwriting/removing the standard Joomla pagination CSS. That is what I'm using right now.
1474 days ago
I think I'm going to eventually go though this forum and hand pick some of hte post to lest them on the main page so people can get started.
1474 days ago
Arelowo Alao replied to the topic Re: Can't Playing Music + Layout Table in the forum.
Directly from the F.A.Q

{quote]Previews are still not playing?
Do a view source on the page and go to where the flash players are generated.

!-- Begin Flash Player -->

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data=""

width="240" height="20" style="a:active, a:focus {outline: 0};">
<param name="movie" value="" />
<!-- End Flash Player -->

Take the url generated and see if you reach any of the mp3’s. If not then you have done something wrong and you need to go back and correct your preview paths[/quote]

I should note that in the settings their is a choice to append the url
1475 days ago
Arelowo Alao replied to the topic Re: Songs bought not delived automatically in the forum.
If you go to the search sales area you can search for inactive cart sales. you might want to check your settings and duplicate your PDT token to make sure it is being transmitted correctly.
1484 days ago
Double check your settings. For your PDT token be sure to duplicate it twice in the settings.
1484 days ago
Arelowo Alao replied to the topic Re: Warning: number_format in the forum.
Well for now it is not that serious since it is a warning and not an error. I will look into it so I can figure out what is causing the warning. You can allways go to your joomla admin and disable warning and have it only show errors.
1484 days ago


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