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Monday, 25 Jul 2016

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David Zook
David Zook
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David Zook replied to the topic Re: Shopping Cart Not Working in the forum.
How do I get to that?
1251 days ago
David Zook created a new topic Shopping Cart Not Working in the forum.
I am a bit puzzled and was hoping for a little help. When you click on the shopping cart to select a song, the shopping cart won't pop up. The mp3 file path is correct as best as I can tell(set outside the public_html). The previews work fine (set inside the public_html)

Here is the site:

1251 days ago

This one is a head scratcher for me. I changed out my artist's free download song recently, tested it (it worked) and now it doesn't ... and neither do any of his other songs download for purchase. They were all working fine previously. The previews work just fine. I suspect that something is wrong with the file path, but I don't know where to look. I have the mp3 for download file outside the public folder as it always has been. Any suggestions?

1532 days ago
David Zook created a new topic Free Download - File Does Not Exist in the forums.
Hey everyone:

I am trying to solve a problem and I just don't know what to do. We have several lyric sheets and songs available for free download. We recently upgraded from Maian Music 1.3 to 1.4.7. In 1.3 we had absolutely no trouble making our music and lyrics available as a free download. 1.4.7 we are having lots of issues. We have checked the file paths umpteen times and as far as we can tell they are correct.

In the manage tracks section, the stuff we uploaded for free in 1.3 has a check for single purchase and the cost is 0.00. The free download box is NOT checked and the downloads work fine. When I applied those same instructions in 1.4.7, I get a file does not exist message whether or not the free download button is checked.

Oh, one more thing. If we take the 0.00 out of the cost box and replace it with a price, everything works fine. The previews work as well.

Ideas anyone?
2028 days ago


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